McKean County

Following a two day jury trial  in McKean County Daniel MINICH, of Bradford, was convicted of Discharging a Firearm into an Occupied Structure (Felony 3), Recklessly Endangering Another Person (Misdemeanor 2), Possession of a Controlled Substance (Misdemeanor) and Criminal Mischief (2 counts, summaries). MINICH was charged by City of Bradford Police Officer Joshua Frederoski after several officers from his department and others responded to MINICH’S home on Onofrio Street on December 9, 2021 for shots fired. MINICH had been in contact with Chief Michael Ward that day and Ward requested officers perform a welfare check on MINICH. MINICH had shot a firearm two times from within his home- once hitting his television. MINICH insisted that Ward respond to his home instead of the other officers. The officers were forced to retreat and convened to determine a plan for de-escalation and to ensure community safety given the nature of the situation. MINICH subsequently fired several rounds into the air from his gun from his front porch while continuing to insist Chief Ward come to the house. Chief Ward, and several officers and crisis  Lt. Steve Caskey, Officer Jason Putt, Officer Frederoski, Bradford Township Police Chief Rob Shipman, Officer Donald Neal, Trooper Matt Batzell, and crisis response delegate Stony Greenberg responded to the neighborhood a second time with Chief Ward and Lt. Caskey maintaining direct contact with MINICH at the front of his house and other officers surrounding the neighborhood for safety of the residents and the officers. MINICH exited his residence and threw his firearm to Chief Ward. It was found to contain one live round in the chamber. MINICH was taken into custody without further incident and taken for evaluation. During the investigation, it was found that MINICH’s shots from within his house had struck a neighbor’s house and another struck a neighbor’s shed while that neighbor’s teenage son was in the house adjacent to the shed. A search of his home yielded methamphetamine. District Attorney Stephanie Vettenburg-Shaffer prosecuted the case on behalf of the Commonwealth. She thanked the officers who responded and credited them for deescalating the situation and bringing the incident to a peaceful end without injury to neighbors, officers or Minich while highlighting the officers’ expertise and coordination amongst the departments and mental health delegate. Sentencing was set for July 6.

Elk County

A York PA truck driver was treated at Penn Highlands Elk for injuries he received early last Wednesday morning in Jay Township. Troopers said Andre Miller Sr. was traveling north on Route 255 when a “ghost” tractor trailer reportedly passed it in a no passing zone and struck the driver’s side mirror on the 2023 Freightliner  causing minor damage.


– Reps. Thomas Kutz (R-Cumberland) and Justin Fleming (D-Dauphin) unveiled the new Bipartisan Future Caucus during a press conference Tuesday at the state Capitol. The two legislators will serve as chairmen of the caucus.

The Future Caucus is comprised of a bipartisan group of legislators aged 45 and younger who are looking to foster a generational shift toward collaboration and bipartisanship. The caucus’ priorities for this legislative session include tackling issues with higher education, barriers to affordable housing, the rising cost of childcare and more. This group of legislators recognize that finding solutions to these issues is critical to Pennsylvania residents and the state’s overall health and success, even if they take a different approach to finding those solutions.

Kutz and Fleming also stressed that the work of the Bipartisan Future Caucus has already begun with meetings of the caucus, and several bills having Republican and Democrat co-prime sponsors.