The results of federal and state elections in Pennsylvania  yesterday are available on the election results website with the closing of polls last night. Visit Potter County unofficial results are posted on www.PotterCountyToday.

Elections are run by the 67 County boards of

how to contact your county’s election and voter registration officials, choose your county from the map or list provided by the Department of State.

We have just gone through a closed primary, meaning only Republicans and Democrats can vote for candidates although all registered voters can vote on constitutional amendments or local issues

Sens. Dan Laughlin (R-49) and Lisa Boscola (D-18) earlier this year introduced legislation to repeal closed primaries and allow registered independent voters who have checked “no affiliation” or “none” on their voter registration form to vote in primary elections.

Senate Bill 400 will allow registered voters who are unaffiliated, have no registered party or are registered Independent to cast their

vote on either the Republican or Democrat ballot. Voters who are registered with a party will continue to be required to vote on their respective ballots.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of State, more than 1.28 million registered voters are not currently registered with the largest two political parties, though many of them used to be registered Republican or Democrat.

SB 400 gained bipartisan support In the Senate.

Pennsylvania is one of nine states that maintain completely closed primaries.

State police at Ridgway investigated an identity theft in Fox Township last Saturday morning. A cyber thief opened a Bank of America account online using the personal information of a 27 year old Dagus Mines man but the victim was able to close the account immediately and no monetary value was lost from the incident.

A Wellsboro woman has been cited for violating state dog law—no animal cruelty. The 47 old suspect had two  unleashed dogs which ran away from her on Ore Bed Road in Richmond Township Monday night. The dogs were taken to the animal sanctuary.