…State police continue to investigate threatening phone calls…Elderly Ulysses man arrested for assault….Plate of cat food thrown at victim…Investigation continues into Tioga County Hit & Run…..


​ The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) is investigating a series of phone calls made to 911 centers about schools across the Commonwealth involving threats of an active shooter situation or bomb threat.These phone calls were made to several schools in different counties. All calls have had similar content. All calls are being thoroughly investigated and responded to by law enforcement.These calls have created lockdowns and/or evacuations of the schools with a large response from police and emergency services.The PSP has responded to all incidents in primary coverage areas and has been in contact with municipal law enforcement partners investigating these incidents in their coverage areas. At this time, all claims in these calls have been determined to be false. All schools involved were cleared or are in the process of being cleared by law enforcement.

The investigation is ongoing.

Potter County

A 72 year old Ulysses man has been arrested for physical harassment in connection to a domestic violence assault Tuesday afternoon on the Pushersiding Road in Ulysses Township. Troopers claim the suspect whose name was withheld, pushed a 56 Ulysses woman during an argument. Police issued a victim rights guide and information about the process of obtaining a Protection From Abuse order while at the scene.

Tioga County

Troopers at Mansfield have arrested a 24 old Lock Haven man for physical harassment claiming the suspect struck a 47 year old Lawrenceville woman with a plate of cat food Monday afternoon.

A hit and run occurring earlier this month in Middlebury Township remains under investigation. An unknown southbound vehicle drove off the right side of Route 287 and struck a mailbox and utility pole before fleeing the scene at around 8:15 on the morning of March 18.