Theft if of catalytic converter in Sharon Township probed….UTVs trespassed on West Branch Township property….unwanted liquid dumped off at Mansfield Auto Zone….Hearing held in Harrisburg on bill which would streamline return process for those wrongly convicted of a felony……

Potter County

The theft of a catalytic converter on Horse Run Road  in Sharon Township is being investigated by state police Coudersport. A white male, about 5’7” tall, weighing 240 pounds was observed leaving the scene on the night of October 12 in a black Ford Explorer with NY plates. Anyone with information is asked to call state police at 814.274.8690.

A criminal trespass on Mothers Lane in West Branch Township is being investigated by state police at Coudersport. A gray UTV with

red accents and a red UTV were seen driving in a private driveway owned by an Apple Creek, Ohio couple last Sunday afternoon.

McKean County

State police at Lewis Run arrested a 39 year old Brockport, NY man for DUI Saturday morning. While not revealing his name, troopers said when they stopped his 2019 Dodge Ram in Annin Township, they found he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

DUI charges are also being filed against 40 year old Jeffrey Mackey of Lewis Run after his 2007 Ford F-150XLT  was stopped by patrol officers on East Center Street in Johnsonburg Friday night. Mackey was taken to Penn Highlands Elk for a blood draw which he refused resulting in an automatic license suspension.

Elk County

Troopers at Ridgway arrested 28   year old Seth Rung of St. Marys for public drunkenness Saturday evening in Fox Township. Police claim Rung, who is on probation, was found passed out on a lawn on Zola Street.

Tioga County

Mansfield based state police are investigating a scattering of rubbish taking place last Thursday afternoon at the Auto Zone in Mansfield. Someone driving a white pick up dropped off five jugs of an unknown liquid inside the front door of the business a few minutes before 3:00 pm. While Auto Zone does discard used motor oil, the liquid is not oil. Anyone with information is asked to contact state police at 570.662.2151.


The House Judiciary Committee held a public hearing  last Wednesday on a bill sponsored by Rep. Frank Ryan (R-Lebanon), which would streamline the process for individuals wrongly convicted of felony crimes and incarcerated to seek compensation.

At the hearing, Kathleen Lucus, representing Pennsylvanians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, said there have been 11 people in Pennsylvania who were sentenced to death and later exonerated. She said wrongful incarceration is crushing for the accused and their loved ones. She said it not only deprives these individuals of their freedom, families, and ability to earn a living, but when they are released, they have no money or skills, and they are living in a vastly different world than the one they knew before. Further, there are no services available to help support and guide them. She said Ryan’s legislation is the best opportunity yet to address this.

Anyone seeking relief under House Bill 2794 must show by a preponderance of the evidence that they:

  • Were convicted of a felony.

  • Were sentenced to incarceration based on the conviction and they have served any part of their sentence.

  • Did not commit the crime that resulted in the conviction or there was no crime committed.

  • Received a pardon, had the charges dismissed following reversal, or were acquitted upon retrial after the conviction was reversed or overturned.

  • Were not convicted of a lesser offense connected to the same crime for which they were originally convicted.

If an individual meets the criteria in the bill, they would be awarded damages, based on the time spent in prison and on parole as a result of the wrongful conviction.  In addition to monetary damages, it would include any child support they may have incurred while incarcerated, reasonable attorney fees, and compensation for any reasonable reintegrative services and mental and physical health care costs incurred.