Potter County resident bilked out of $12,000….Ulysses man lost $5,000 by deception….Kersey man arrested for simple assault….Car deer encounters investigated….Game Commission reminds hunters of CWD regulations…..

Potter County

A Potter County resident was bilked out of $12,000 according to Coudersport state police. The unnamed victim received two worthless checks for equipment he had posted for sale in a Lancaster Farming ad earlier this summer. One check was for $5750 and the other for $6, 274. The investigation is continuing.

No details were provided but troopers say a 64 year old Ulysses man lost $5.000 in a theft by deception on August 25. The investigation is on-going.

Troopers also did not explain a theft by disposition of funds August 31. A $500 check was involved and the victim is said to be a 46 year old Greenwood, NY man.

A Port Allegany woman escaped injury in a car/deer collision last Thursday morning in Eulalia Township. State police said Veronica Ostrander was going east on Route 6 just after 7:00 am Thursday morning and could not avoid hitting the deer with her 2017 Buick Encore.

Elk County

State police at Ridgway did not release the name of a Kersey man accused of simple assault for a domestic violence incident Friday afternoon on Krise Road in Fox Township. Troopers claim the suspect punched another Kersey man in the face and then fled the scene. He was later located and was taken into custody and was released on unsecured bail after being arraigned before District Judge Marc Jacob.

Cameron County

An Emporium woman has been cited for violating state dog laws. State police withheld details but allege 63 year old  Jeannie Hoffower committed the  crime on the Sizerville Road in Shippen Township  last Thursday afternoon.

An Emporium driver escaped injury in a weather-related mishap last Wednesday afternoon on in Shippen Township. State police report Austin Gabel was going east on Whittimore Road when the rear tires on his 2000 Chevrolet S-10 lost traction causing the pick-up to fishtail. Gabel overcorrected sending the truck into some guardrails.

Tioga County

No injuries were reported following a car/deer encounter in Deerfield Township last Wednesday. State police at Mansfield explained Lisa Larusso of Woodhull, NY swerved her eastbound Chevrolet Silverado on Route 249 to avoid a whitetail. The truck hit a guardrail and continued on for about 40 feet in a ditch before stopping.

A criminal mischief in Clymer Township earlier this year was investigated by troopers at Mansfield. Vandals broke a single pane window on a camp at 424 Jemison Road causing $100 in damage. The camp is owned by Robert McDonald of Ringtown, PA.


The Game Commission is reminding hunters about regulations prohibiting the movement of high-risk carcass parts from deer, elk and other cervids to control the potential spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). These regulations will impact hunters going out of state this fall or hunting within Disease Management Areas (DMAs) and CWD Established Areas (EAs).

Hunters are prohibited from importing high-risk parts or materials from cervids harvested, taken, or killed in any state or country outside Pennsylvania. In years past, the prohibition applied only to those parts from animals taken in states and provinces known to have CWD.

Hunters are prohibited from moving high-risk parts outside of any DMA or EA. That includes moving high-risk parts from one DMA to another DMA. These regulations also apply to deer killed in vehicle collisions and picked up for consumption.

Presently, Pennsylvania has one EA, which is a subsection of DMA 2 in southcentral Pennsylvania.

High-risk parts include the head (including brain, tonsils, eyes, and any lymph nodes); spinal cord/backbone; spleen; skull plate with attached antlers, if visible brain or spinal cord tissue is present; cape, if visible brain or spinal cord tissue is present; upper canine teeth, if root structure or other soft tissue is present; any object or article containing visible brain or spinal cord tissue; unfinished taxidermy mounts; and brain-tanned hides.

Officials say regulation banning the importation of high-risk parts into Pennsylvania from any state or province – regardless of whether CWD is known to exist there – serves two purposes.It takes into account the wide range of testing and surveillance in other states – not all monitor the disease the same way – and simplifies things for hunters, who no longer have to comply with different rules in different areas.

The regulation specific to the EA reflects the state of the disease there. Pennsylvania’s EA has produced about 90% of the all wild-deer CWD cases in Pennsylvania to date.

Hunters who take a deer within the EA must either butcher it and dispose of the high-risk parts within EA boundaries, or take it to a processor within the EA. Those who want to have the deer mounted must cape it to remove all high-risk parts or take it to a taxidermist within the EA.

The same rules apply to deer taken within any of the DMAs.

More information can be found at www.arcg.is/1G4TLr Visitors to that site can find statistics on CWD, maps and boundary descriptions of the EA and each DMA, and more.

That site also lists the location of CWD testing bins. Hunters who harvest a deer within the EA or any of the DMAs can place its head in one of those bins. Heads should be double-bagged, with antlers removed, and placed in a bin with the harvest tag legibly filled out and firmly attached to the ear. The Game Commission tests these deer for CWD for free and makes results available to hunters. Hunters can check their test results by calling the CWD hotline (1-833-INFOCWD), emailing infocwd@pa.gov, or by visiting the results lookup page at www.arcg.is/1G4TLr

 Pennsylvania first detected CWD in 2012 at a captive deer facility in Adams County. The Game Commission has since tested more than 118,000 wild, free-ranging whitetails and more than 1,700 elk for CWD.

To date, CWD has been found in about 1,000 deer. It has not been detected in Pennsylvania’s elk herd.

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