Potter County

 Coudersport’s third annual Eliot Ness Fest, will be held this Friday through Sunday. Thousands of people will converge on the small northcentral Pennsylvania town, which will be transformed into a lively Roaring ‘20s setting. Attendees are encouraged to dress in period costumes. There will be a dramatic re-enactment of the trial that sent Al Capone to prison; an entertaining “Recruitment of the Untouchables” stage play; and six dramatic “street theater” scenes, including raids of gangster outposts and a showdown between rival mobsters. This year’s theme is, “The Siege of Coudersport.” Gangsters will take over the town on Friday. Ness and his Untouchables will muster at the Coudersport Theatre and restore order on Saturday. On Sunday, the ringleader, Al Capone will go on trial, while townspeople and tourists celebrate on the courthouse square with music and refreshments. Eliot Ness Fest recalls the famous crimefighter who spent his final years as a businessman in Coudersport. Potter County Historical Society is sponsoring a weekend that mixes Roaring ‘20s fun with fascinating history programs, dozens of vintage cars and trucks, law enforcement displays and many other attractions spread out over three days. .Among notables coming to speak are Scott Sroka, an Assistant U.S. Attorney and grandson of “Untouchable” Joe Leeson; A. Brad Schwartz, co-author of a critically acclaimed book shedding light on Ness’s battles against Al Capone’s criminal outfit; and officials from the U.S. Dept. of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, where Ness got his start in law enforcement. Attendees will be able to relax at a speakeasy-themed “beer garden” sponsored by the Rotary Club. They can also stop at the fascinating Eliot Ness Museum which features, among other exhibits, a life-sized replica of the famous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre scene, complete with a get-away car. Topping the more than 100 vintage cars and trucks that will take Coudersport back in time is the famous 1924 Rolls-Royce Roadster once owned by a prominent Chicago publisher Col. Robert McCormick, whose investigative reporter was assassinated by gangsters. Fearing that he was next, McCormick had his car bullet-proofed. Two performances of “The People vs. Alphonse Capone,” a one-hour dramatic re- enactment of the tax evasion trial that took down the infamous gangster, are planned for 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm on Sunday. Those trial re-enactments and the “Eliot Ness: A Biographical Suite/Musical Journey” (7:00 pm Friday) are the only ticketed events. The suite is the latest work by Larry Herbstritt, chart-topping composer and songwriter who was inspired by Ness’s integrity and dedication. It will be accompanied by narration and period footage on the movie screen of the Coudersport Theatre. Following the suite, the BluJayz will perform music and an award-winning ‘20s dance duo will perform. Several local businesses are getting in on the act, including the historic Hotel Crittenden. Eliot Ness and author Oscar Fraley convened at the Crittenden to write the manuscript for the book, “The Untouchables,” an embellished account of Ness’s battles with the Chicago underworld that spawned the Desilu television series and movie.

The Roulette Township Supervisors are asking everyone to voluntarily conserve water. The well has reached 31 feet triggering the drought contingency plan. Everyone is asked do their best in reducing water usage until the well level rises. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Elk County

A Ridgway man has been arrested for criminal mischief in Ridgway Township. State police were called to Portland Mills Road just before 7:00 am June 27 for a man on the roof of a camp. The 39 year old suspect, whose name was withheld was removed from the roof and it was discovered the roof had been damaged. The camp is owned by a 59 year old Greenville, PA man.

A burglary at another Elk County camp is also under investigation by state police at Ridgway. A gun was taken from a camp on Rock Hill Road in Jay Township between December 30, 2021 and this past April 2. The camp is owned by a 54 year old McKeesport, PA man.

Drug possession charges are pending against a 53 year old Johnsonburg woman after a traffic stop on Powers Avenue in that town. Troopers claim they found a small amount of marijuana inside the suspect’s vehicle which they pulled over for a traffic violation. The woman’s name was withheld.

Tioga County

A 37 year old Elkland resident has been arrested for burglary. State police responded to a burglary in progress on First Street in Knoxville minutes before 9:00 am June 22 and subsequently arrested Brenton Whitehill and took him to the Tioga County Prison on multiple charges. He is accused of stealing a silver ring, valued at $20 belonging to Allan Wood of Knoxville.