Millerton boy accused of terroristic offenses….Two Harrison Valley residents threatened….potential cyber thief thwarted….Emporium teen arrested for vandalizing his own truck….State house committee approves resolution urging Congress to protect power grid

Tioga County

A 15 year old Millerton boy is  facing terroristic charges through the Tioga County Juvenile Probation Department. Troopers at Mansfield were called to the area of 2796 Route 328 in Jackson Township  just after 9:00 am June 2on a report of a juvenile walking along the road carrying a gun. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.  A 35 year old Millerton man is listed as the victim.

State police at Coudersport are investigating terroristic threats made early last Thursday morning in Harrison Township. A suspect allegedly called the location and made threatening statements to a 26 Harrison Valley woman and a 32 year old Harrison Valley man .

Potter County

A cyber thief tried to bilk a 29 year old Oswayo resident out of $500. Troopers explained the attempt was made when the man signed up for a job online on June 8.

Cameron County

A 17 year old Emporium boy has been charged with failing to notify police of an accident back on June 1 in Shippen Township Cameron County. State police said the teen was driving a 2006 Ford F-150XLT which rolled over on an unnamed dirt road on nearby public lands between 6:00 pm May 31 and 4:00 am the next day. The teen left the truck in a dirt pull off and then vandalized his own truck with a hammer and knife. Before leaving the scene, the youth removed the truck’s license plate.


Sponsored by House Environmental Resources and Energy (ERE) Committee Majority Chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), a resolution urging Congress to fund measures to protect the power grid of the United States from electromagnetic pulse (EMPs) attacks and solar flares was reported out of the ERE Committee on Thursday.“Especially during these unprecedented times of rampant inflation, more and more citizens across the nation are recognizing the absolute necessity of electricity coming from our power grid,” said Metcalfe. “It is imperative that we use every method at our disposal to protect our priority energy resources from EMP attacks by foreign adversaries and technology incapacitating solar flares.”

EMP attacks have the capabilities of severely disrupting communications and critical U.S. infrastructure. With solar flare occurrences on the rise, America is already experiencing adverse effects and disruptions with radio communications, satellites and cellular communications. Some experts say we are overdue for a solar storm. One such event in the late 1800’s fried numerous telegraph lines. Imagine what damage such an event would have today.

Metcalfe’s resolution language is modeled after a similar resolution passed by the American Legion urging Congress to take steps to protect the nation’s power grid.

House Resolution 213 now advances to the full House for consideration.