Coudersport woman arrested for harassment and criminal mischief…Lewis Run teen charged with physical harassment….Ridgway police arrest St.Marys man for assaulting Walmart employee….Thieves steal  hand tools from garage in Weedville…Millerton man accused of attacking victims with a knife….

Coudersport based state police did not release the name of a 64 year old Coudersport woman they have arrested for physical harassment and criminal mischief. Troopers say they were called  to the residence of a 77 year old Coudersport man on Town Line Road in Eulalia Township on the evening of May 10 on a report of someone trying to get into the house and their subsequent investigation determined the suspect’s identity. She is accused of causing $465 in damage to a plastic snow shovel, glass covering a light bulb, two door frames and a window frame.

A 17 year old Lewis Run boy is facing charges of physical harassment for an incident allegedly taking place last Thursday evening on South Avenue in that town. Details were not provided but police did say the victim is a 61 year old Lewis Run woman.

State police at Ridgway have charged a 39 year old St.Marys man whose identity they did not release, with physical harassment. Troopers say the incident last Tuesday evening at the St. Marys Walmart when the suspect, a customer, pushed the 40 year old St. Marys man, a Walmart employee. Police said the two are acquaintances.


A garage burglary taking place in Weedville is being investigated by state police at Ridgway. Several hand tools owned by an 87 year old woman were taken between April 1 and May 13.

A 30 year  Millerton man has been arrested for assault with a weapon in connection to an domestic violence attack allegedly taking place last Wednesday evening on Mitchell Creek Road in Tioga Township. Troopers  claim the suspect  attacked two Tioga PA men, ages 52 and 55 with a knife. The suspect’s name was withheld.

Since 2015, first-time voters showing up at a polling place have been required to show identification to vote .Some of the accepted forms of photo identification include a state-issued driver’s license or PennDOT ID card; a U.S. passport; student, employee or armed forces ID; IDs issued by a Pennsylvania state agency; or U.S. government ID. Should a voter not have a photo IDs, non-photo identification that includes the voter’s name and address is also acceptable. They include a county-issued voter registration card, non-photo ID issued by the U.S. or state government, a firearm permit, current utility bill or bank statement, or a paycheck or government check.

Rep. Seth Grove says the lists are quite large and have led to some confusion for voters if they had the correct ID to vote. It is safe to say all voters possess one of the accepted forms of ID and it is the voter registration card.


The proposed Voting Rights Protection Act would require voters be issued new, enhanced voter registrations cards featuring their picture to ensure the person casting a ballot is in fact the registered voter.

Data shows a large majority of Pennsylvanians support showing a photo ID at the polls. A poll conducted by F&M College reported that 74% of Pennsylvanians are in favor of an ID requirement when it comes to voting.