State police at Ridgway have arrested 37 year old Charles Magnusson of that town for possession of drug paraphernalia and equipment after visiting his home at 5261 Grant Street Tuesday night. Magnusson called police after his mother placed his gun in safekeeping. Officers claim when they interviewed Magnusson, a bong, a marijuana bowl and grinder were observed in plain view inside the house.

A criminal mischief on Irishtown Road in Fox Township Elk County occurring Tuesday afternoon is being investigated by troopers at Ridgway. Vandals drilled a hole in the gas tank of a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado owned by a 74 year old Kersey man. Damage is estimated to be $1,000. Police did not indicate if fuel had been stolen.

A Canadian driver has been cited for speeding in connection to a one-vehicle crash Monday afternoon in Horton Township Elk County. State police report Rong Zhao lost control of his  northbound Mercedes Benz when he attempted to pass a slow moving vehicle and tried to cross back over the center line. The car went off the road and hit a guard rail then crossed both lines before crashing into an embankment. The driver, his wife and two teenage boys escaped injury.

An Emporium teenage driver and his passengers escaped injury in a one-vehicle  crash Monday afternoon in Horton Township, Elk County. State police explained the 17 year boy was going north on when his GMC Acadia became disabled after going off the Route 219 and hit a guard rail. His passengers were identified as Kari Doud, Megan Doud and a young child all of Emporium.

DUI charges have been filed against 74 year old John Williams of Johnsonburg by state police at Ridgway. Williams was arrested after patrol officers stopped his 2021 Jeep Renegade for a traffic violation on E. Center Street in Johnsonburg.

A theft on South Main  in Richmond Township, Tioga County last week was investigated by Mansfield based state police. Authorities did not release details but say $1600 belonging to a 38 year old Covington man was stolen between 3:00 am and 11:00 pm Tuesday April 12.

Up to one billion birds die each year across the United States when they collide with buildings and windows, after being attracted and confused by bright artificial lights at night and glass.

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has announced that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is joining forces with the Appalachian Audubon Society and property owners in the City of Harrisburg to help reduce light pollution in Harrisburg to assist birds when they migrate in the spring and fall.

The program applies to upper level and internal building lights and is not intended to impact street-level outdoor safety lighting.

Harrisburg joins Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and more than 30 other cities nationwide, with Lights Out programs. The National Audubon Society, along with partners, established the first Lights Out program in 1999 in Chicago.

The Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS) is removing the spotlights from the Capitol Dome and turning out the lights in the atrium of the Keystone Building. Frequent messaging campaigns will also be conducted with all building tenants in the complex to ensure that lights are turned off at the end of the day.

The first season of the annual Lights Out Harrisburg program began April 1 at the start of peak spring migration and runs through May 31 when most winged migrants will have passed through Harrisburg. In the fall, Lights Out Harrisburg and peak migration will occur between Aug. 15 and Nov. 15 as birds travel south. Although the request is for lights out during these peak migration periods, light pollution is something to consider all year for Pennsylvania’s resident birds.

Each year birds pass through southcentral Pennsylvania during spring and fall while migrating between their breeding and wintering grounds. Many never complete their epic journey because they are killed when they fly into buildings and windows, confused by the bright artificial lights and glass.

Building owners interested in participating can find more information and sign up for Lights Out Harrisburg on the Appalachian Audubon.

Lights Out Harrisburg is the result of a collaborative effort facilitated by DCNR including the local Audubon society chapter Appalachian Audubon, City of Harrisburg, GreenGov Council, DGS, Pennsylvania Game Commission, Harristown Development Corp., Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District, National Audubon Society, Wyncote Audubon Society and the West Shore Wildlife Center.

The PA Department of Health reports, there have been 44,550 ( +11) Covid 19 deaths in the state to date. (+51).Deaths  in the Black Forest Broadcasting Service area  to date are mostly  holding steady.

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